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Looking better?

29 Aug

Wich one looks better? Runway vs. Red Carpet. Inspired by ELLE.

The Red Eyeliner. I really cannot choose. They’re both very good! But if i really have to choose.. Hmm.. I think i’ll choose Rihanna. I think it looks better on her skin color.

The Hair.I already know. It looks better on the model then on January Jones. I like the hair at the model better than at JJ. It’s nicer and it gets more attention.

The Dress.I don’t know.. The model looks gorgeous, also Drew Barrymore. But i don’t like the purple shoes. That’s just.. not good.. And the accessories are looking better on the model. So i choose the model (:

The Dress and Shoes. Both. They both combine very good. But i don’t like the way how Dakota did her hair. It’s too simple.. But I really love this dress (:

So, who are your favorites? Witch one is better? Let me know!

Lots of Love ❤


Got Milk?

27 Aug

Got Milk? No? Well, if you have seen these pictures.. YOU WANT MILK!

Lauren Conrad have been posed for the Got Milk campaign. More stars have been posed, like the Olsens. Why? For the people in America (also in other countries). American kids don’t get enough milk, but it’s very healthy (You already know it’s healthy i think xd)

But back to the point,Lauren Conrad also wanted to pose for this helpful campaign.

The Dress that LC is gonna wear! A Lovely summer dress (:



Doing the Hair and Makeup (:



LC’s Question: Got Milk?



And there it is, Lauren Conrad with a white ”Milk Mustache”

Lauren Conrad is a big inspiration for me. Also for you?

Lots of Love ❤ And don’t forget to think about happiness (:

Gonna Take a Break.

26 Aug

Heeyy everyone! I’m gonna take a litlle break. Don’t worry, i’ll post. But not everyday. Why? Because of school. Yeah.. Also because i have a MacBook, and i have to know how it works, cause i use this macbook for school. I never worked with a Mac, so i have to find out how it works.

Well, if you want to read an article, go to CATEGORIES or use the SEARCH.

I’m so sorry..

Lots of Love♥ Don’t forget to think about happiness (:

LookBook Street Daily.

23 Aug



Legging: H&M Givenchy Inspired.
Bag: Balenciaga.
Black Top: Unknown.


I Like this outfit so much! Love it, how the girl combinate’s the busy legging with the basic black top. The black bag and the bracelet makes this outfit not too empty. LaLaLove it!

Lots of Love <33


For more fabulous pictures, go to

Fashionshow Grazia.

23 Aug

Heey everyone! Today, i’ved been to the Grazia Fashionshow in Amsterdam. Grazia is a Fashion magazine. I was very late for the show, but i could make some pictures. Sorry for the bad quality.. The models walked so fast!

This was the Grazia Fashionshow. There were more before, but i was too late! So sorry! And sorry for the bad quality!

What do you think of this show? Let me know!

Lots of Love <33

The 4 Thingz.

20 Aug

The 4 things that can’t miss in your wardrobe. These 4 are the most essential things for this year. And the best of all: You can combinate every item.

1. The Blazer.

Coloured or just Black, make sure you have one! This is the most essential of all! You can always combinate it and ofcourse, you can use it for the coldness.

2. The Jumpsuit.

For the hottest summer! It’s comfortable and fashionable! And later in the evening, you can use the Blazer! Perfect combination!

3. The Flower Dress.


The same as the Jumpsuit. Very comfortable and Fashionable. We all know: the Little Black Dress is fenomenal. But a little bit colour isn’t wrong =] You can also combinate it with the blazer! Too Cute <33.

4. The Necklace.

It can be Silver, It can be Gold. It can be New, It can be Old. Everything is okay! You can combinate a necklace whenever and wherever you are. The Owl Necklace is been very poulair. Are you going to Paris? The Paris Necklace is a must! Don’t wanna wear a watch? The Clock-Necklace will be there for you!

These are the 4 thing that you must have in your closet. Don’t have it? Buy it now! You will be very glad if you have it!

Oh yess, if a Blazer doesn’t fit you, you can also wear a cardigan =]

What do you think of these 4 Thingz? Let me know!

Lots of Love, Hipp <33.

The L.A. Gurl.

19 Aug

I Love L.A.! It’s such a great city and i really want to go there!
But how’s the L.A. Style? What do they wear? I think i already know..

Famous L.A. Girls: Lauren Conrad, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Kat von D, Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff.

The Look: Tops, Jeans Shorts, Little Dresses with a Floralprint in Bright Colours, Torn Jeans, Flip Flops. The Favorite one is the Beachlook! But also wide sweatshirts and tracksuits from Juicy Couture are very popular.

Accesoires: A huge Sunglasses, Many Necklaces, Large Flower Rings and a BlackBerry in your hand ;]

Popular Designers: Ed Hardy, UGG Australia, Harajuku Lovers, Wildfox Couture, American Apparel.

Popular Stores: Kitson LA, Fornaria and the expensive stores like Melrose Avenue and Rodeo Drive.

Soo.. What’s EXACTLY the L.A. Style?? I’ll tell you in 4 words:
Beachy, Lovely, Casual, Rock.

totally K e W l l l ♥


There’s no place like The Beach!



Flower Prints, all over =]

& i'mma be c h i l l i n' wit my mothaa motha CREW! ♥


L.A. is Fashion! But a SweatShirt isn’t bad 😉

Of Today I Am Queen


L.A. RockChick <33.

What do think about the L.A. Style? Let me Know!
Lots of Love <33.