Fashionshow Grazia.

23 Aug

Heey everyone! Today, i’ved been to the Grazia Fashionshow in Amsterdam. Grazia is a Fashion magazine. I was very late for the show, but i could make some pictures. Sorry for the bad quality.. The models walked so fast!

This was the Grazia Fashionshow. There were more before, but i was too late! So sorry! And sorry for the bad quality!

What do you think of this show? Let me know!

Lots of Love <33


5 Reacties to “Fashionshow Grazia.”

  1. todaysfashioncouture augustus 23, 2010 bij 6:11 pm #

    Leuk!! Hoe wist je dat die show er was? Echt gaaf!

    xx lots of Love ❤

    • Hipp Thingz. augustus 23, 2010 bij 6:57 pm #

      Dat stond in het tijdschrift GRAZIA.T was heel erg leuk! Maar kwas veel te laat..

      Lots of Love <33

  2. Esther augustus 24, 2010 bij 1:32 pm #

    i wish i were there =(

  3. Britt augustus 26, 2010 bij 8:19 am #

    Ik heb het ook gezien!

    • Hipp Thingz. augustus 26, 2010 bij 7:08 pm #

      Echt waar? Wat leuk! Heb jij de hele show gezien? Ik niet =(

      Lots of Love (:

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