Looking better?

29 Aug

Wich one looks better? Runway vs. Red Carpet. Inspired by ELLE.

The Red Eyeliner. I really cannot choose. They’re both very good! But if i really have to choose.. Hmm.. I think i’ll choose Rihanna. I think it looks better on her skin color.

The Hair.I already know. It looks better on the model then on January Jones. I like the hair at the model better than at JJ. It’s nicer and it gets more attention.

The Dress.I don’t know.. The model looks gorgeous, also Drew Barrymore. But i don’t like the purple shoes. That’s just.. not good.. And the accessories are looking better on the model. So i choose the model (:

The Dress and Shoes. Both. They both combine very good. But i don’t like the way how Dakota did her hair. It’s too simple.. But I really love this dress (:

So, who are your favorites? Witch one is better? Let me know!

Lots of Love ❤


12 Reacties to “Looking better?”

  1. Manon augustus 29, 2010 bij 6:04 pm #

    I like the catwalk looks better.

  2. Lee Oliveira augustus 30, 2010 bij 1:48 am #

    I have always been a huge fan of Rihanna, but this time her hair looks a bit strange for my taste… but she s my fave.

    • Hipp Thingz. augustus 30, 2010 bij 8:03 am #

      Yeah, i know. It’s strange but it looks good on her (:

      Lots f Love ❤

  3. leonie augustus 30, 2010 bij 1:03 pm #

    Haha it’s always Rihanna 😛

  4. Britt augustus 30, 2010 bij 1:57 pm #

    1. Rechts Rihanna
    2. Links Catwalk.
    3. Links Catwalk.
    4. Links Catwalk.

  5. Pretty Beauty Land augustus 30, 2010 bij 4:39 pm #

    Die van Rihanna is zoo gaaf! Staat haar top!

  6. Laura augustus 30, 2010 bij 7:16 pm #

    Ik vind die rode eyeliner bij die Linker gewoon eng. Daarom kies ik voor Rihanna. Om de een of andere reden staat het haar ook gewoon.

  7. Ryan augustus 30, 2010 bij 7:32 pm #

    The red eyeliner looks so beautiful with Rihanna’s skin tone. I think the runway looks are better on all the rest of the photos.

  8. Couture Carrie augustus 30, 2010 bij 7:41 pm #

    Surprisingly, I like the street style looks better!
    So gorgeous!
    Love this post 🙂


  9. viefxballoon augustus 31, 2010 bij 10:44 am #

    De rode eyeliner vind ik bij de linker op de een of andere manier níét mooi, maar bij Rihanna staat het echt amazing!
    xxx Balloon

  10. todaysfashioncouture september 2, 2010 bij 3:14 pm #

    Alles op de rode loper staat beter.
    Zeker bij rihanna. ;]
    Nee, serieus, ik vind de meeste
    modellen juist heel lelijk.

    xxx lovee!

  11. Shanghainese Dumpling september 12, 2010 bij 3:49 pm #

    Ahhh yeah!!! the dress looked gorgeous on Drew but what’s with the purple shoes!~~

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